How to feel motivated and Revise

hey my louvelies,

I’m really sorry I haven’t posted for a few weeks I have been extremely busy on school and although I love writing blogs I have to make sure I put my priorities first and this means boring old school work. its sad but it has to be done.
Anyways this leads me onto my next topic and the theme of today’s post which is: revising dun dun dun – that’s me making it seem dramatic, sounds cool? probably not whoops at least I tried.

I hate school in fact there are so many more things I would rather do than be at school so why do I put my self through this you may wonder, because I want an education and because I want to become successful in the future, have a massive home with an incredible husband you know the deal. That may seem far away but its what you do now that really impacts on your  future. Therefore recently I have put school first, I am making that extra effort every single day to go over things we learnt in lesson applying my knowledge to past exam questions and making endless amount of notes. Which I will one day chuck out and never use again but that cant be avoided. This is now and now is school. I’m not happy with this but I have accepted that this has to be a part of my life whether I like it or not.

so lets work together and conquer school as a group, ill start of with my biggest tips on how to feel motivated and revise:

  1. have the right equipment– doing so not only will you actually be able to take notes but you may find little enjoyment in so you know what get you coloured highlighters and pointless sticky notes and go crazy!
  2. its never to early to start- whether you’re in year 9 or year 7 start taking notes make revision cards , plan and make to do lists all for your future this will help you be organise but also allow you to get use to the dreaded habbit of studying
  3. DONT PROCRASINATE- for me this is probably the hardest thing to overcome, but however difficult it Is try not to do this. As your simply just wasting time doing absolutely nothing. make yourself feel productive watch videos read blog posts make a to do list ANYTHING as long as your not procrastinating its like a drug and is the number 1 way to set yourself back on your gcse/tests/exams etc
  4. reward yourself-now by this I do not mean read a page then go have a 4 hour nap WRONG! I mean do your science homework take some maths notes then read and after allow yourself to watch some Netflix have a bag of popcorn or really whatever takes your fancy. but don’t let your award overwhelm you. make sure school is your priority you will always have time in the future t lay in your bed chilling.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post make sure you have a fabulous day and although I have mention about 48 times that school should be your priority t should take over your whole life allow yourself time for friends and family x I will see you all very soon – louise

123 xx I’m out


October Book reviews

hey my louvelies!

I hope you are having and awesome day. In this post I’m going to talk to you about some recent books I’ve read and my opinion and whether you should read them or not, I hope you enjoy. this was kind of a random idea but I saw something similar on another persons page recently and I thought I should try it out

Ever since a young age reading has been my happy place, honestly there were very few time where I wasn’t holding a book. I think that reason has led me being the creative and forever daydreaming person I am today. Not only that but reading taught me a lot of things it helped me at school, it widened my vocabulary and I found it enjoying. I think more people need to turn of their phones get out a book and let your imagination run wild. I think this would help us all.

sorry for the blabbering lets move on  –>

First up is ‘My not so perfect life’ by Sophie Kinsella this book was such an enjoyable read although it took a little while getting into it I instantly feel in love with the main character ‘Kat/Katie. this book reminded me that no ones life is perfect no matter how good their mask is. its important to know that and not put yourself down when something hasn’t gone the way you wanted it too. I found this book extremely sarcastic and a perfect evening read. I loved every second of it a definite RECOMMEND.

‘Sunshine on a rainy day’ was such an incredibly different read. Thought the book there were high amount of sarcasm and humour which is just my second nature. It shows no matter how much you love someone marriage isn’t always easy but you can work through it. this book taught me not to give up even when you feel like your at the end of the rainbow and there I no gold hehe. I think that you all should read this book it will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make ou instantly want to get married but a few moments later a divorce. Read it and tell me how you felt.

For me this is my ideal childhood book. I have read this book countless times and I will forever cherish this. its a beautiful magical filled book that will make your heart content. reading this instantly puts me in my happy place and I wanted to let you guys in on my little secret. a few years ago I would always struggle sleeping, each night I would dread going to bed in fear of a panic attack (there will be a post on this sometime in the future.) Now, reading this book relaxed me and made me happy. therefore it definitely deserved to be in my top faves!!!

If your still here thankyou so much for reading be sure to check out these books and like this post, and leave a comment to let me know what you think. I will see you all soon

123 xx I'm Out

My Top Beauty Products- for autumn 2017

hey there my louvlies- did you see what I did there? lol

Today I’m going to be showing you a few of my top favourite beauty products for autumn. I hope you enjoy.


First of are my favourite lip products for this season, on the left I the nyx butter gloss in crème brulee. This is such a beautiful product, it applies so nice to the lips its non drying and is such a pretty warm brown shade.

Then the faultless Nivea lip butter. I love this product and have repurchased it many times. it is such an autumnal scent and leaves your lips feeling moisturized and glossy.

on the right is the babylips in chai tea latte. I love how deep the purple is on this. its so pigmented and last a good few hours. definite recommend!!


Next up these 2 products. the first on is the brow drama by Maybelline. this is a fairly recent purchase for me and I love it! its the perfect shade for brown eyebrows. your eyebrows will stay in place all day. I will say though that not much produvt comes out but for me this is not a problem.

then I have the Theyre real by benefit. this is simply the best mascara out there (aside from too faced) I’m literalyy in love with this product. after applying just a few stroes your lashes look flawless, pitch black and super long with volume. it is not the cheapest mascara out there but its definitely worth your money as you hardly need to use any product. I have had the mini one for almost 4 months and its over half full! I’m shocked


revolution Iconic 3 palette. I LOVE this. it is sooo cheap but so good and pigmented. the colours apply really nice with high pigmentation. my only criticism would be that it doesn’t last as long as other products but this can easily be fixed by purchasing a setting spray.

thankyou for reading my post- hope you enjoy! have a great day. kisses-Louise

123 xx I’m Out

About Me- Simplyllou

hi there any new followers, or random people from the internet. Welcome to my Blog!

Now I started this blog for a few reasons one being that this would be amazing to look back on, when I’m 50 reading stories to children, or something like that. Secondly because I have a passion for many things and I believe that these ‘passions’ deserve to be shared throughout the whole world,  or at least a handful of people who have accidentally scrolled through my account, hehe.

This account will be anonymous but this might not be forever. Right now I’m a 14 year old teenager who struggles with confidence and anxiety is my second nature,  I tend to be, well socially awkward, yep that’s me! and a person with all these ‘great’ features usually is not able at telling all their so called friends that they are starting a blog. However I do have a small amount of hope that in the future I will be braver, anxiety wont be taking over and I will be able to tell the world everything about me; without me having a heart attack when a family member hugs me in public.

If your still reading then I want to say  a massive thanks because I’m not going to lie I’m just winging this blog post and hoping for the best. Stay tuned for some more, hopefully different and most probably not entertaining but realistic blogs and I will see you all soon.

123 xx I’m out